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My Works

One Man’s Castle: Clarence Darrow in Defense of the American Dream

When Ossian Sweet, a doctor from Detroit's "Talented Tenth" moved into a white neighborhood, mothers brought their children to gawk and stare. Men with rocks turned into an angry mob. The violence that ensued landed Sweet and his family in jail.

This is the true story of a courtroom drama and the unprecedented moment when the NAACP hired Clarence Darrow and Arthur Garfield Hays in 1925 just three months after the famous Scopes Monkey Trial.

Families in Flux

In print since 1982, Families in Flux (formerly Household and Kin) continues to be assigned to high school and college students for its provocative discussions of family life and how its diverse forms are constantly challenged to meet new needs.

Families in Pain: Children, Siblings, Spouses, and Parents of the Mentally Ill Speak Out

The first book to describe the experiences of families of the mentally ill. This book has brought comfort to families and a new point of view to professionals. "Remarkably sound and honest," said Dr. Daniel X. Freedman.