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Interview: Jenny Hammil, The Sound of Ideas, The Ohio Channel, 

Budget shortfalls and staffing challenges



In conversation with Stacy Lu at Politics & Prose

Ron Manderscheid, PhD, Behavioral Health Care Executive, Sept. 22, 2022

Perspectives, Doctoral Historian's Book Highlights Field's Progress, Potential



 Podcast interview with Andrew Keen

"Why the Next Major Civil Rights Movement Is Mental Health Activism"



Matthew Rozsa, Salon, Sept. 18, 2022

 "The untold story of the struggle for disability rights in America," 



"In this essential history, history, Phyllis Vine recounts the long movement for liberation and recovery of people with mental illness and those who ve led this imperative and incredible work."  Karla Strand, "Reads for the Rest of Us." September, 2022.