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Amy Swerdlow, Renate Bridenthal, Joan Kelly, and Phyllis Vine

Families in Flux

Families in Flux is part of the Feminist Press series about women, their lives and their work. Within the context of class, race and culture, this book analyzes family structure and form over time, addressing questions such as how models of family life meet today's challenges and how they differ from those of our ancestors.

Selected Works

One Manís Castle: Clarence Darrow in Defense of the American Dream
Clarence Darrow's landmark trial defending Dr. Ossian Sweet, an accomplished black physician who defends his home from the attack of a Klan-inspired mob. Studs Terkel says it may be Darrow's "most important" case. "It reads like a thriller. . .but for the fact that it's true."
Families in Flux
Part of the Feminist Press Series of books about women's lives, work and history.
Families in Pain: Children, Siblings, Spouses, and Parents of the Mentally Ill Speak Out
The experience of families of persons with mental illness told through families.

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